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With the fast increase in immigrant population, the ability to speak with parents of newcomer children in pediatric clinics and hospitals is becoming a challenge. The problem is not a total inabili... moreWith the fast increase in immigrant population, the ability to speak with parents of newcomer children in pediatric clinics and hospitals is becoming a challenge. The problem is not a total inability to communicate, but the danger of misunderstandings and the inability to properly seek permission when the English proficiency of the guardians is severely limited.

Option Quest LLC of Southington, CT (www.optionquest.org) decided to put a tweak on a business done the same way for over 50 years; instead of having to complete forms, open an account, or waste any time at all, you simply call a toll free number when you need an interpreter and prepay on the spot for the time you use. The payment can be made by the provider or the patient, depending on whether the patient needs to communicate something or the doctor wants to eliminate all doubt and liability by using a professional interpreter.

A large "select your language" poster is provided for the public area, and a laminated instruction card given to the staff nearby. This easy to use system reduces account and billing frictions, and eliminates the fear and alienation felt by foreign language speakers in need of medical attention.

The toll-free pay-by-the-minute system is available 24/7 in the USA. The posters are 24" x 38" and the moment you receive them you are ready to go.

"Point to your language" posters are available below.
Posted on Oct 20, 2017

Trusted By Professional Interpreters

No account required. We know you don't have time. Call our toll-free number, prepay, get connected. Need to schedule a call with a professional interpreter? Fax (to the same number) your contact details, the desired language, and the date and time when you need it. 

Language providers have been doing this business the same way for 50 years. We dare to do it differently. At Option Quest, our mission is in our name: to provide you with options that make your work easier. Let us handle languages and cultures for you. You just write down our number. 

HIPAA and S-Ox compliant. Operators standing by. Want an account? Sign up here. Or just pay as you use with prepay posters (below).

Let your patients and clients know their poor English skill is not a problem when they choose you. Order "select your language" multi-language large posters here.

Do you have what it takes to run a business with unlimited scalability? Find out how to run your own telephone interpreter services business using our proven, solid, multi-million dollar platform. Fax your inquiry to 844-811-5200 and we will contact you.

For Language Service Providers:

Are you an interpreter company serving your local market? 

  1. Add Over-The-Phone and Video ASL for your clients. We do the work behind the scenes, while your clients think they work direct with you. Retain the flexibility to charge your client in any way you want (invoice, credit card, subscription, etc).
  2. We also have a limited number of popular languages available through the video service. We always add more, and we tell you when we do.
  3. Empower your interpreters with Live Security ID Badges that can be scanned from any cell phone with a QR code reader. The laminated badge can be easily scanned by your clients, and active badges show as "Verified" and will instantly display the interpreter credentials on their devices straight from the Scan ID Services server. Contractors who no longer work for you will be denied access if they try to use the badge!

Take your language translation and interpreter business to the next level and compete with the big players at their own game by letting our advanced network do the heavy lifting for you, invisible, in the background.
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